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Wax Bars/Blocks

Beeswax Bars
Each pack comes with 6 one-ounce (30g) bars.100% Beeswax Bars are available in two colors--white and natural. They are the ideal wax for molds and poured candles of all shapes and sizes.
Blended Wax
Comprised of beeswax and specially formulated paraffin wax, ideal for cost sensitive applications, while keeping the natural characteristics of beeswax. Great for candle making, bottle sealing, batik, wood finishing, and other specialty uses. 1 lb. (454 g) (4-1/4 lb. pieces)
General Purpose Wax
Ideal for metal, rubber, plastic and votive molds, as well as for dipping. 1 lb. (454 g) (4-1/4 lb. pieces) or10 lb. (4.46 kg)
Premium Glass Wax
Basic wax for use in glass containers. Does not retract when hardened.
Scented Colored Wax
This unique product makes candle making easy. The scent, color, additives and even the wicks are included in this block. Crafters just melt this wax and pour into your favorite candle container. Make beautiful candles using the same wax some of the largest US Candle manufacturers use. Great for learning candle making, use as a refill or a group project for Boy/Girl Scouts, MOPS, birthday parties.
Vegetable Wax
Make truly natural and clean burning candles with this natural, environmentally friendly Crystallized Candle Wax (Soy bean base). The unique, snowflake-like texture finish of this wax resembles frosted ice on a window. Add a soft, feathery look to your next candle project. 3/4 lb. (340 g)

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